Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Regular servicing of fire extinguishers is vital to their effectiveness.  

1st Call Fire Protection Services provides fire extinguisher maintenance services for your peace of mind. 

How often do fire extinguishers need servicing? 

In short, once a year.  

What condition must fire extinguishers be maintained in?

Remember,  the correct use of a fire extinguisher can stop a fire in its tracks and prevent further damage should a fire occur. 

In their role as ‘life safety equipment’, there are four principles fire extinguishers on your premises must meet.

They must be:

  • Safe - in an efficient working state
  • Reliable - in working order
  • Efficient -in good repair 
  • Fit for purpose - suitable for the hazard

Can 1st Call Fire Provide an Ongoing Fire Extinguisher Servicing Agreement?

Absolutely!  We all like to tick a job off the ‘to-do’ list and having a service agreement with us makes that more achievable when it comes to maintaining your fire safety equipment.  

We always hope to work with clients long term so that they have continuity of service from us for their fire safety equipment.  In this way, we can arrange your yearly service in good time or you can call us at any point in the interim should any concerns arise over the ongoing integrity of your extinguishers, for example, if they have been discharged or damaged. Our technicians work in accordance with British Standards and are registered under BAFE Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers. 

Whose responsibility is it to ensure my fire extinguishers are serviced?

Businesses must have a responsible person whose duty it is to ensure fire extinguishers are in full working order.  With the onus on your business, you will want to be certain that these safety checks and tests ensure your fire extinguishers remain serviceable, safe and deployable.

Legally, as the person responsible for the maintenance of fire safety equipment in your business, this is not the sort of job that can linger on a ‘to-do’ list.  

You can call or email us to book your fire extinguisher service today. 

How are 1st Call Fire’s staff trained to be skilled and competent?

The responsible person for  fire safety equipment on your premises is also the person responsible for choosing skilled and competent persons to perform the inspections of their fire extinguishers annually.  

Peace of mind is yours as all our service technicians are BAFE SP101 fire extinguisher technicians and 1st Call Fire is a BAFE SP101 Registered Organisation.

The BAFE is a trusted independent register of quality fire safety organisations who advise that, as an individual responsible for fire safety within a premises, you choose a BAFE Registered organisation to carry out your fire equipment servicing and we are here to do just that for you.  You can be assured of the rigour of our training and we are proudly prepared to be audited annually in relation to our ongoing competence for fire safety work.  

For your peace of mind and the paramount safety of your staff and premises, call a 1st Call Fire Technician today.

Does 1st Call Fire Extinguisher Servicing Meet BS 5306-3?

Our technicians work in accordance with British Standards and are registered under BAFE Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers. Additionally, quality is assured by internal and external audits so you can rest assured that our technicians meet the criteria to help you meet BS 5306-3 for your fire extinguishers.  Although the responsibility falls on the business to choose skilled and competent personnel, be assured that we have all the qualifications and training to satisfy BS.  By choosing 1st Call Fire service technicians, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have chosen skilled professionals with the relevant and vital expertise to carry out your annual fire extinguisher service.  

Our technicians work in accordance with British Standards BS 5306-3 and are registered under BAFE Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers.  This assurance means we follow best practices and will support your business’s fire safety equipment checks to ensure it is safe and effective for use.  Our service technicians are committed to best practice and will undertake these checks to give you our assurance that your fire extinguishers have not been discharged or lost pressure and remain fit for purpose and safety compliant.   

What should I do if my fire extinguisher becomes damaged or discharged  between services?

Do not wait until your annual service is due.  If a fire extinguisher on your premises has become damaged, has been discharged, or, for whatever reason,  you believe it can no longer be used safely, it should be replaced immediately.  

We can advise you on whether your fire extinguisher remains fit for purpose  at any point between services so, if you are in any doubt at all, call us on 01995 61999.

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