Fire Extinguisher Supply and Installation

Why is it highly likely that you will need fire extinguishers on your business premises?

Businesses are required to have fire risk assessments and, on the basis of this assessment, you will need to ensure you have adequate and appropriate safety measures in place to mitigate the risk of fire.   The likelihood is that one element of these safety measures will be portable fire extinguishers.  In the event of fire, extinguishers can help minimise the risk of injury or loss of life because they are effective at quickly putting out a fire.  

My staff need fire safety and fire extinguisher training.  Can 1st Call Fire supply this training?

Absolutely.  We also offer bespoke training for your staff, ensuring they know and understand how to respond to a fire, how to use our equipment and how to mitigate fire risk. 

Our training provision is informed by 40 years experience within the emergency services sector and our ongoing connections within the fire and rescue service, ensuring that all training provided is current and responds to ever-evolving business environments.

Will First Call Fire source, commission and site my premise’s fire extinguishers?

Yes, we can guide you through the whole process.  We are rigorously trained to the highest standard possible in the fire safety industry to source, commission and site fire extinguishers and, for your further peace of mind, we comply with BS SP101 as a BAFE registered organisation.  

In addition, we can arrange service and maintenance packages as an ongoing service to help you to continue to navigate fire safety for your business. Does this need a link through to the Fire Extinguisher Servicing Page?.  .  

Is my company’s fire safety more important to 1st Call Fire than its sales?

At 1st Call Fire, we are passionate about the role that fire extinguishers play in fire prevention.  We always put safety before sales.   Our dedication to customer service ensures that you, as the client, can have full confidence in the fire extinguishers we recommend, stock and supply.   Each business is different in its fire extinguisher needs and we provide a bespoke plan for your fire extinguisher types and placements.  

Can 1st Call Fire also provide me with other fire prevention and fire management equipment?

For us, there is no greater satisfaction than ensuring your business is fire-proofed.  1st Call Fire can supply fire prevention and fire management equipment so that, alongside extinguishers, from smoke detectors to fire alarms and installation, we really are the full fire safety package.  

We really should be your 1st call for fire safety for: 

  • a comprehensive and thorough fire risk assessment - the foundation of any fire safety project. 
  • an accurate plan to a safer environment with detailed recommendations.
  • the identification of key points to place extinguishers for maximum effectiveness.
  • fire extinguishers manufactured to the highest standards and in accordance with BS EN3.
  • CE approved, kitemarked and fire rated fire extinguishers.
  • an ongoing service agreement to regularly service and maintain your fire extinguishers
  • technicians who work in accordance with British Standards and are registered under BAFE Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers. 
  • A company whose quality is assured by internal and external audits.

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