Fire Risk Assessments

A comprehensive and thorough fire risk assessment is the foundation of any fire safety project. It’s essential as a starting point in order to accurately map the road to a safer environment and provide detailed recommendations.

Why do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Nothing successful ever started without a plan, and a Fire Risk Assessment is just that. In order to understand where you need to be, we first must understand where you are. Our team of highly experienced assessors can identify your current status and provide detailed recommendations to improve the fire safety of your building.

This includes:

  • Potential hazards that could lead to a fire, such as combustible materials too close to a heat source or faulty electrical fittings.
  • Highlighting gaps in fire safety practices, such as not having enough extinguishers or missing signage etc.
  • Steps to take to limit the effects should a fire occur, such as automatic door closers and fixed suppression systems.
  • Identifying a clear exit strategy to ensure the safety of all employees.

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